One Time Cleans

Do you need a one off clean? Does your day not have enough hours in it to get your “to do list” done?

Let us take way quite a few of those items on your list and come in and clean your home from top to bottom

and do all those cleaning jobs that you don't ever find the time to get around to.

Are you moving home? We all know that this can be stressful and the thought of cleaning

both your new and old home can be daunting.

Conejo Cleaning can help take that stress away. We will thoroughly clean one or both properties,

so your new home is ready for you to move your belongings into and your old home left perfectly clean for its new owners.

Everyone has cleaning jobs that are a real chore, cleaning inside cupboards, door frames windows even the garage, but they get left week after week as you just can't find the time or enthusiasm to do them! Why not let us take on the all those jobs so you can relax knowing your home is totally fresh and clean.

Have you been renting your property long term and has now been vacated and not left in a condition to be able to offer it for rental quickly. We will undertake a thorough clean and if needed take curtains, rugs and bedding to be laundered, we can also arrange for your property to be painted.