As part of our services,

It can be arranged for us to meet your guests at your property to hand over the keys as and when required.

Every guest will be warmly welcomed to the Costa del Sol with a smile.

We will show them around your home, point out important details and give helpful information about the area,

the community and safety tips, such as care with balconies, patio doors and will answer any questions that

your guests may have.

Each guest will be given a business card with my personal numbers which they can carry on them so that

they can contact me at anytime, anywhere, should they need help or advice.

We will be happy to book a taxi, arrange car hire or provide public transport information for your guests.

We strive to make everything perfect for you and your guests from the minute they arrive.

There is a small fee for this service:

To meet Guests at your property:

Between:    09.00 and 22.00    €15

From:          22.00 and 09.00    €20

To ensure that we don’t keep your guests waiting for their keys, we will need the name of your guests and flight details. We also kindly ask your guests to call us directly from their outbound airport should they find their flight is subject any delay.

Most importantly, to call once they are ready to leave the airport.