As all home owners know too well, from time to time things break, break down or are in need of general maintenance.
This can be a time consuming nightmare even when you live in the property, let alone when you reside in another country!
Not to worry Conejo Cleaning have a team of professional handymen and specialists at hand to deal with any problems
quickly and efficiently.

During the quieter rental months, you may find that your property may benefit from a fresh coat of paint, wooden terrace furniture re-stained, your security bars painted or any number of home improvements. Conejo Cleaning can help you to keep your investment up to standard and always looking at its best.

In the event of damage or repairs that are necessary, we will contact you and provide quotes for you to choose from.
Only in extreme emergencies, when your property and that of a neighbour are at risk of severe damage and we are unable to
contact you, the necessary repairs will be carried out immediately and invoiced.