Holiday Rentals:

We will arrange to collect your laundry on the day or the day after your guests have vacated, depending on their departure time.

It will be washed and pressed and returned fresh and clean to your property, ready for your next guests.

Basic Laundry on Departure:

Duvet covers


Pillow cases                        

Bath Towels

Tea Towels   

Mattress & pillow protectors                                

Additional Laundry:

Duvets, Curtains, Rugs, Throws, Terrace & Sofa Cushion Covers can be

laundered as and when required and will be charged separately

Laundry only service:

We also offer a laundry only service which can include all bedding, duvets, blankets, clothes and rugs. We arrange to collect at a time to suit you and deliver it back clean, fresh and ironed. Please contact for details.

In House Laundry Service:

Conejo Cleaning also offer our washing an ironing service to all our Regular domestic cleans and One Time cleans.

We will also take larger items as mentioned in Additional Laundry, to be laundered,collect them and return them to your home.